Less sugar - more taste! New in: Lobsters Tonic Water.

Lobsters is the first Austrian manufacturer of tonics that contain a small amount of sugar. This is precisely their philosophy - if the drink contains a lot of sugar, the real taste is completely covered by sweetness. That is why the sugar level in their tonics is low, from 5.9 - 6.2 g in the line of drinks.

Key features of Lobsters drinks:
🔸 made from 100% natural ingredients in Austria
🔸 100% crystal clear alpine spring water
🔸 low sugar level
🔸 without sweeteners, without artificial flavors
🔸 have a refreshing and natural taste, as they contain less sugar
🔸 are just as tasty both in their pure form and in mixes with alcoholic beverages that do not cover their true taste

Lobsters drinks are an alternative to ordinary bitter drinks, as well as sweet soft drinks. You can enjoy them in their pure form or improve cocktails.
Lobsters for everyone who appreciates true taste and benefits!