Wine Hunters new brand is here!

The springs are located in the Friuli Natural Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, 833 meters above sea level. Dolomia water rises high up from perennial snows and lies in contact with the dolomite rock for decades, from which it takes the best components as well as its name. Today, Dolomia water is one of the easiest available mineral waters with a balanced mineral content, which makes it incredibly soft in taste and especially useful in daily use. For its unique advantages, Dolomia received three gold medals in 2013, 2015, 2018 from the International Institute of Taste and Quality in Brussels. Dolomia water has been officially recognized by the Italian Ministry of Health from 2008 year as being suitable and recommended for newborn babies, for the preparation of their formula & foods, including babies who are breastfed. At this stage, Dolomia is already ahead of many competitors from Ukraine, Italy and other countries.

Dolomia range has:
  • perfection in a glass bottle, sparkling water Dolomia Exclusive Frizzante
  • crystal clear taste in a glass bottle, non-carbonated water line Dolomia Exclusive Naturale
  • format for travel, sports and active life - Dolomia Classic Frizzante water line
  • water format that is always with you - Dolomia Elegant Naturale line.