Ready, steady, go: Wine Hunters officially presents a star of Languedoc - Gérard Bertrand!

Gerard Bertrand is a leading expert in the south of France, widely recognized among all wine connoisseurs. Possessing a unique talent for creating wonderful wines, which was inherited from his father and brought to perfection in the process, Gerard is actively involved in the development of each of the terroirs, which produce sparkling, white, red, rosé and varietal wines.

What you need to know about Gérard Bertrand:
• wineries have biodynamic certification;
• Gérard Bertrand received special marks from in the category of "Best Organic Initiative", which emphasizes the fact that all the company's activities are focused on creating a better world;
• most wines are highly rated by the world's most reputable critics and publications - from 90 to 95 points by Robert Parker, 90-93 points by Wine Spectator, 90-91 points by Wine Enthusiast, 92-97 points in the world's largest rosé competition "Global Rosé Masters", silver and gold medals at Mundus Vini. Amazing, isn't it?

As a representative of The Mediterranean Art de Vivre, Gérard Bertrand supports and promotes the cultural and gastronomic heritage of southern France. So, we will do it too, in Ukraine. We are so proud!