The Dead Rabbit Irish Whiskey - new rebel-must try

Another rebel-must try from Wine Hunters - The Dead Rabbit Irish Whiskey.

Firstly, it's a special story about a street gang of Irish immigrants from New York called "Dead Rabbits." By the way, their weapon was engraved on the logo of the bottle. Secondly, this is a story about the ambitious owners of the Manhattan bar The Dead Rabbit Grocery & Grog, which has twice become the "Best Bar in the World"!

The author of the blend is a well-known master distiller with 20 years of experience Darryl McNally. It is by his technology that the drink is first aged in bourbon barrels, and then in the new american ones - for a richer taste.

What you will get? Incredible aroma of toasted brown sugar, fruits and spices, and after taking a sip - bright tones of malt, spices, vanilla. We are sure that there are enough good reasons to get to know this wild animal better.