No magic, only the pure energy of nature
“The International Taste Institute provide a high-level recognition which unequivocally affirms the high quality of our product. Obtaining the Superior Taste Award for four times is a worldwide confirmation that supports us in enhancing the concept of high quality and excellence. An important marketing lever that consolidate the credibility that our brand wanted to spread from Italy to the whole world - declares the managing director Gilberto Zaina - We bottle a true excellence of nature that stands out for its exceptional chemical and physical characteristics that make it capable of enhancing any food-wine pairing and we are very proud that this peculiarity has been recognized again.”
CEO at Dolomia
Gilberto Zaina
Dolomia’s values
About the water
Dolomia, low mineral concentration water, springs from the rock of the Eastern Dolomites, today UNESCO World Heritage site, in Val Cimoliana, at 833 meters asl, in the Dolomiti Friulane Natural Park, in an enchanting place with breathtaking scenery of rare beauty and still uncontaminated nature.
A protected area, of great geological interest, with a magnificent variety of flora and fauna.
Water properties
Dolomia Water is characterised by a good concentration of calcium, an essential element for bone structure and vital physiological processes.
26.2 mg/L
14.2 mg/L
Dolomia Water guarantees magnesium intake, therefore helping to maintain the body’s balance and wellbeing.
< 0.2 mg/L - 0,00002%)
Thanks to its exceptionally low sodium content, it is the water most “recommended for low-sodium diets”.
< 0,001 mg/L
The near-total absence of arsenic proves the exceptional purity of Dolomia water.
Dolomia water’s optimum alkaline pH is useful for reducing the acidity of the human body, as well as making it very palatable.
162.8 mg/L
Helped by its alkaline nature, Dolomia Water is effective at stimulating gastric secretion and aiding digestion.
10,7 mg/L
Dolomia mineral water stands out due to its high level of dissolved oxygen – 10.5 mg/L – one of the highest values in the mineral water market.
< 2.4 mg/L
The purity of Dolomia water is reflected by its low nitrate content.
A wide range of products
Pleasant effervescence and elegance combined
Lightly Sparkling
Pet Classic
Enjoying Dolomia still water, you will appreciate its excellent flavour thanks to its unique mineral composition and natural alkalinity
The unique refined taste of Dolomia still mineral water is well combined with the style and personality of the packaging.
Pet Elegant
Pleasant effervescence and elegance combined
Glass exclusive
Dolomia sparkling water delivers a crisp, sophisticated taste with a lively effervescence that refreshes and cleanses the palate.
Glass exclusive
The unique mineral composition and purity of Dolomia mineral water enhances the gastronomic experience - it is perfect for pairing with exquisite food and supreme wines.
Dolomia natural mineral water springs from the rock of the Eastern Dolomites, in Val Cimoliana, at 833 mamsl, in a PROTECTED AREA of great geological interest, with a magnificent variety of unique and safeguarded flora and fauna.
In this setting we find Dolomia, the natural mineral water that springs within a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE.
A pristine environment in which the nature gives spectacle and invites to dive: the FRIULIAN DOLOMITES NATURAL PARK. It is a corner of a paradise, a heritage of all humanity whose integrity is protected and preserved.
The deepest layers of perennial snows melt on the Cima dei Preti mountain group at 2703 mamsl, causing water to slowly filter through the dolomite rock, forming an uncontaminated, ancient and huge hydrogeological basin underneath the mountain.
Water filtration
water continuously flows into the hydrogeological basin lying in contact with the dolomite rock for many years, absorbing its most precious minerals and oxygen.
basin and source
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